Should You Invest in 3D Microblading?

There’s a lot that you can do with your eyebrows but if you’re like most others, you don’t like to put in all the work. With the right skills, tools, and makeup, you can make your eyebrows arched, feathered, straight, and bold. There are also certain procedures that can help you achieve those.

There’s no way you can get the polished eyebrow look that you want in less than five minutes. But with microblading, this is possible. With it, you can enhance your facial features with the right shape and shade of eyebrows. Looking good has gotten so much easier, thanks to procedures like microblading.

Why Microblading?

Microblading is the more preferred options than the other brow enhancing techniques available today, including the use of brushes and pencils. The other techniques consume too much time, are too complicated, or cost too much. If you don’t have any spare minutes to prepare your brows early in the morning before rushing off to work, then microblading is for you.

Microblading offers semi-permanent results, which makes it a great investment. Its effects will last you anywhere from three months to three years, which is definitely worth your time and money. Microblading reconstructs, defines, covers, and fills-in eyebrows. After the procedure, you’ll have the perfect-looking eyebrows that are the envy of everyone.

How Is Microblading Performed?

The 3D microblading process involves the use of a special pen that draws hair-like strokes on the eyebrows one by one. It’s a very meticulous process that may take up to three hours to complete. The aesthetician should carefully fill your eyebrows with pigment or ink as it’s not very easy to undo any mistakes. That is why you should only consult with skilled and experienced aestheticians, which services usually come at a price.

Prior to the procedure, a numbing cream will be applied on the area to minimize any discomfort arising from the tattoo-like process. A liquid anesthetic will then follow. There will still be light tingling sensations as the procedure is not entirely painless. 

What Are The Results?

The results of a microblading procedure may be slightly different from one person to another. But essentially, they won’t experience any downtime. The complete healing process may take up to 30 days but the effect will be evident as soon as you come out of the med spa or aesthetic center. A touch-up session after a month may also be in order.

Your filled-in eyebrows need special care and maintenance as well, but only until the lesions on the skin have fully healed and the pigment has settled. For one month, you’re not allowed to wet your eyebrows too much, and that includes sweating. So there will be no swimming for you for the entire month after microblading. There are smudge-proof solutions available, but that’s a bit too expensive and may not be worth the additional investment.

If you want to try 3D microblading, then you have to find a reputable aesthetic center near you. Set up a consultation with them and learn everything that you have to about the procedure. Doing so allows you to set the right expectations about the treatment.

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