Tips on How to Maintain a Long-term Storage Unit

Business companies, homeowners, and renters often rent long-term storage space for some variety of reasons, some are preparing for the big move or if you are in the military or just needing a place for a classic car that is seldom used, it is a great option to have a long-term self storage. But how do you keep your items safely for an extended period of time? Here are the steps to consider when it comes to safely storing your item in the long-term.

Reusing boxes from a grocery store or from around the house may be tempting but its best to use boxes that are in good shape and has the right size and if possible to buy and use plastic storage bins or new, sturdy boxes, it’s much better.

You should label your containers and boxes on their sides in order for you to track the contents of the boxes and stack them on top of each other so that you could easily find them when you

Use shelves or pallets in keeping your furniture and boxes off the ground to allow airflow and to prevent water damage to your items.

Always avoid packing items in a plastic bag, this may seem like an extra protection to your item but this can cause mildew and mold when plastic bag will trap humidity and moisture.

Wrapping your fragile items with the use of quality packing materials like bubble wraps and newspapers will ensure the safety of your stored items

In addition to this, sealing carefully your fabrics and clothes. Vacuum-sealed bags are one of the best to use in storing clothing items and could help protect against damage. If those vacuum bags are not available, you should consider adding insect repellent like mothballs for added protection.

Use extra care when storing your appliances, clean all appliances thoroughly before moving or storing, it’s better if you slightly open the doors of your appliances and do not forget to wrap the chords carefully.

Pack and cover furniture carefully, clean all furniture and empty all its drawers before you place them in your self-storage unit. You might also consider covering fabric furniture covers or white sheets on your upholstery and other furniture.

Always think of your items that are sensitive to the climate like those woo furniture and your electronics. These items must be stored in a storage that is climate-controlled. Knowing you’re your things will not be subjected to extreme temperatures while you are away in climate-controlled units will give you peace of mind.

Appoint someone locally, maybe a friend or a family member that can be available at any given time and can respond quickly if there may be problems to arise regarding the storage.

In both short-term and long-term use, self-storage is a great solution for storing your valuables and other items while you are away. Keep your items in good shape and in working condition by preparing your items properly before storing.